How Apps are Changing the Way We Use Supplements

There has been a really big recent news story about how certain apps were changing the way that we think of makeup forever. It is really crazy to think that as I was growing up we never had apps to change anything. The cell phone that I first had had an old copy of snake on it, and I thought that would be about as good as it gets. Nowadays, we have smartphones with all kinds of different things to you can do with them. One of the things that are now getting changed in a whole new way would be apps. These apps for makeup can now let you try before you buy in a way.

What these apps do is provide a user with ability to makeup on themselves right away. This is all done through the camera that is in your smartphone. By being able to give you a live picture of yourself, you can put on makeup live in your own privacy and see how it will work. This is such an amazing thing for people who may be using the wrong shade or at least a shade that is not as good with their face as it could be.

save the makeup bag

I was able to actually try one of these apps for myself and I have to say that I was totally blown away but what it could do, it really freaked me out that I was able to see something like that right away.

There are different options that cover all of the different kinds of makeup so you can now literally give yourself a total makeover in the privacy of your own home, how neat is that? I do recommend doing this one without any kind of makeup on your face at all. I know some ladies will not like to see their own reflection for a picture in that state, but trust me this way you can really start from scratch. It is unknown to me if you buy the makeup or have the possibility to from the app itself but that would be a really cool addition to these apps. As different makeup companies vie to be the ones to get their actual products listed on this app, we may begin to see a big craze here. I was aware that some stores could let you put their clothes on through that technology but I was unaware that this system could now be used on smartphones.